Risdra Siva Yantra


Creation Myth

Prajapati, the first god, from whom all gods and beings evolved, and some say, who, through austerities eventually became Brahma, brought forth many children one of whom was his daughter, Usas, the Dawn. Usas was a goddess of sublime beauty. Usas ushered in each day with her gentle glorious luminescence. Because of ushering in the mighty sun god, Surya, she was invoked as the Eye of the Gods. She was ever the young woman and the immortal divine one who bestowed material wealth upon her people.

Prajapati developed a mighty lust for his daughter. As the phenomenal lustful tension build in their household, Usas fled and frantically turned herself into a doe to escape. Prajapati then turned himself into a buck, caught up and mated with her. Some say that from this union came the four-legged beings.

Thereafter, every time Prajapati chased after her she took another form, and her father the same form as well, and from this countless mating came all animal life on Earth. But the gods were angry with Prajapati for his wonton behavior and wanted to punish him but could not do so by themselves. So they combined their most dread powers producing The Unnamed God (Rudra Siva) and asked him to punish Prajapati. And Siva agreed on condition that he become lord of cattle. He shot an arrow at the offending Prajapati and struck him. Prajapati instantly rose to the sky and became the constellation Mriga, occupying approximately the position of Orion.