About Lisa

Elizabeth Greenleaf (b.1941, NYC) was born into a Quaker family of artists and craftspeople. Although her first interest was music, throughout her childhood she unselfconsciously (yet continually) produced art until, in college, she became fascinated with visual creativity and made it her primary focus. She received a BA in Design and a BFA and MFA in painting. For the past 40 years she has been primarily a watercolorist. In graduate school she studied both Hinduism and Buddhism and was profoundly affected by both. During the next few years, she was slowly weaned from an involvement with art fashion and eventually (and with some difficulty) came to realize that her creative path was a spiritual one. She first painted the Sri Yantra in the late 1970’s and in the later half of the 90s made the study and visioning, revisioning, and painting of yantras the center of her creative activities. She is the mother of 4 grown children, 2 grand-children, and is a family therapist in New Haven, CT where she and her husband have lived for the past 42 years.